Somewhere in the world 世界某一角 - Miami Rainbow Sky Bridge


Photo by Christopher Janney
Photo by Christopher Janney
 A gorgeous rainbow colored sky bridge entitled "Harmonic Convergence".

The installation by architect and composer Christopher Janney creates a gradually changing pattern of colors, similar to a rainbow pathway at Miami International Airport. A 72-foot-long window wall with diamond-shaped panes of glass in 150 transparent colors.

Christopher Janney is an American pioneer in the field of sound art, merging architecture, sound, light and interactive technology. For 30 years, Janney has been blending music and light with the physical space in unexpected ways.


此裝置由同樣是建築師及作曲家Christopher Janney創造出一種逐漸變化的顏色圖案,類似於彩虹既通道在邁阿密國際機場。一個72英尺長的窗戶牆壁,採用150個透明顏色的菱形玻璃窗。

Christopher Janney是一位美國音樂視覺藝術先鋒,作品融合了建築,聲音,光和互動技術。30年來,Janney一直用意想不到的方式將音樂和光線與物理空間混合在一起。



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