OOTD日常穿搭 - Christmas without red & green


Happy Christmas Eve! Have you decided your party look for Christmas yet?
Try Christmas without wear red & green. Be your own dressing Queen ...or King!
Just a reminder : The best is choosing to use a clutch, not a bag.

嘗試聖誕節,不穿紅色綠色。 做你自己的穿搭女王......或者國王!

Photo by Wes Leung

Coat : Hong Kong Boutique
Top: H&M
Skirt : Online Store
Earrings : Hong Kong Boutique - K's
Necklace : Hong Kong Boutique - K's
Ring : Hong Kong Boutique - K's
Clutch Bag : Tokyo Boutique - min plume
Shoes : Online Store

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