Harry Potter Wizard Brush Set 哈利·波特魔杖化妝掃


Good news for people who are Harry Potter fans!!

Storybook Cosmetics have a makeup brush set based on Harry Potter wands. The set includes five brushes with magical metal handles and velvet bag. The price is $55 USD. The site had its Wizard Brush Set on pre-order, but unfortunately for the moment they are completely sold out!


Storybook Cosmetics有一套靈感來自哈利波特魔杖的化妝掃。這套化妝掃共有5支,配魔法金屬手柄及絨袋。售價為美金$55。官網有這套魔杖化妝掃的預售,但好不幸這個時候它們已完全售完。

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